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Airbnb is an Economic Revolution that is Quietly Turning Millions of People into Part-Time Entrepreneurs…and Brian Page Just Cracked the Code for You!

Ready to Join the BNB Formula Sharing Economy?

Thousands of people from around the globe have now completed our training and become “BNBr’s”. So why not you? If you’d like to know how to build your own home sharing business, without the need to own property, we’re here for you!

Isn't Real Estate Investing Expensive? Not With BNB Formula!

BNB Formula shows you a new way to make money in real estate. Enjoy massive cash flow – without the need to own property.

Do You Need a BNB Formula Coach?

If you’re ready to learn from someone who’s had massive success and more importantly, helped others do the same, Brian Page can help. Join us for live coaching as you build and scale your business. BNB Formula is the world’s leading training on how to build a short-term rental empire, without the need to own property.

Every day I’m humbled to receive stories from students about the incredible results we’ve created together.

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So Far THOUSANDS of Students of Brian & BNB Formula Became Real Estate Investors

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BNB Formula is Sweeping the World and Changing the Real Estate investing Game!

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When you take action and sign up for BNB Formula you WILL Succeed.

Why Use BNB Formula?

Today, Canadian real estate investing provides you with the have the opportunity to buy investment property with low percent down…with BNB Formula it’s 0%!

The BNB Formula

Learn How Brian Page Developed the "Formula" to Turn Anyone - in Any Stage of Life or Business, into a Top Real Estate Investor

Super Host Status

Become part of the Top 1% of ALL Airbnb Hosts Through our Training...From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Property Ownership

Don't Own Property? Good. You Don't Need to! The Formula Will Show You How to Become an Elite Real Estate Investor...Without Owning Property!

BNB Formula: A Real Estate Investors Blueprint

Tired of Listening to "Guru's" Telling You to Buy & Hold?

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to real estate. Some people buy, fix and flip. Others, buy and hold. The same exact problem arises every time: You Don’t Have Money to Spend!
BNB Formula Teaches You How to Become an Elite Real Estate Investor…Without Actually Owning Any Property! THAT’s the Formula!

The BNB Formula: Explained

Get Taken on a Real Journey Towards Financial Freedom With Brian Page

1. Watch the Free Online Seminar

The FREE BNB Formula Training and story Brian Shares with the World is Absolutely a MUST.

2. Sign Up to Be a "BNB'r"

BNB Formula is an easy to digest 8 Week Course for anyone in any stage of life or business.

3. Become Part of the Tribe

Join the private BNB Formula Tribe where you’ll be supported and helped at every twist and turn from successful students who have ‘been there and done that’.

4. Build Your BNB Formula Empire...On Autopilot

With a Few Properties Under Your Belt, Brian Page will Show You Exactly How to Automate the Whole Process so You Achieve True Freedom. Knowing that you’ll never have to work for someone else or anything else ever again was amazing to think about, but can you put it into practice? Doesn’t matter if you live in Dallas TX or across the world, if you don’t want to wake up and work and still produce over 1,000 a month in revenue – the formula is for you.

Who is bnb formula really for?

Do You Or Someone You Know Have a Spare Room? You're Already an Airbnb Host!

BNB Formula Brings the Complexity of Airbnb Listing and Hosting to a Simple
and Easy to Digest Jam-Packed Course – For Anyone!  

The Clock is Ticking

Why Wait When the Time is Now?

“Over the past 2 years, entire-home multi-unit hosts have increased at a much faster pace than single entire-home hosts, with revenues from this segment more than doubling from $71 million to $167 million – a 134% increase.” – HACA

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Take Control of Your Future

Even with no experience in real estate, we can help you be successful !  

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