About Brian Page & BNB Formula

BNB Formula shows you a new way to make money in real estate in Canada. Enjoy massive cash flow – without the need to own property.

Who is Brian Page?

"I Started with One Room, One Small Step, and Created an Empire..." - Brian Page

The first time I heard that strangers would pay money to stay in my apartment, I was all in. I listed my guest bedroom on a “home sharing” site and immediately started making money. But I knew there had to be more to this side gig.

The BNB Formula Process

The challenge was, I didn’t own any properties, I had limited cash in the bank, and to top it off, my credit was a mess from a previous business flop – so buying wasn’t an option. I needed to find a way to leverage other peoples’ properties.

So I ended up renting a small one bedroom apartment down the street and got permission from the owner to list it online. I took a property that cost me $50 a day to rent and was able to earn $150 to $200 a day by offering it as a nightly rental to guests visiting my city. I then repeated that process with other rental properties, using the same strategy hotels use to make billions of dollars…selling a place to stay by the night.

The Vision of Bnb formula

I soon discovered a “formula” that allows entrepreneurs to control properties they don’t own. Following this formula, I ended up earning $117,000 in 6 months and over $300,000 my first year. The results were phenomenal.

And once I formalized the process, people started asking me for advice. I’ve now taught thousands of people from 38 countries through my training, the BNB Formula. This new real estate opportunity is the ultimate side hustle that can even be scaled to six or seven figures per year. Why not join us and build your own BNB empire?

Want to Know what the "Formula" is?

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Fast Answered Questions?

We give you increased results – every time!

BNB Formula Quick Look

We give you increased results – every time!

Trust the formula and embrace the unknown with a tribe of people – not even a group or individuals now as we move into the year 2020!

To use the Airbnb platform it costs $0. Airbnb charges hosts a 3 percent fee that covers the cost of processing payments when travelers book their reservations. Alternatively, booking an Airbnb does cost a nightly rate which depends on the Airbnb host’s listing price.

Yes. Brian has students both living in and from Canada that are enjoying positive cashflow even right now! Head over to our testimonial section and get to know some of our Canadian ‘BNBers’.

Hotels are stationed around major cities and because the cost of living in the area is high, so are their rates which are fixed. Airbnb Hosts have the ability to change their listing prices to be as high or as low as they want. The atmosphere with the Airbnb experience allows travelers to feel at home, because they are!

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