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Do You Have Any Questions About BNB Formula? Below, We Answer the Most Commonly Asked Questions.

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Who is Brian Page?

Brian Page is an entrepreneur, speaker and business coach whose mission is to help you launch and scale your own short-term rental empire. He is the creator of BNB Formula. Brian teaches others how to set up their own hosting businesses, how to leverage other’s properties, and how to give guests a true hospitality experience.

What is BNB Formula?

BNB Formula is an 8 Week Online Masterclass that Brian Page created. It teaches students in any stage of life or business how to invest in real estate without actually owning property and without needing capital to do so. Put in another way: BNB Formula shows you a new way to make money in real estate. Enjoy massive cash flow – without the need to own property.

Can I see an example or take a tour of the BNB Formula Course?

Brian put together a no-cost online training that allows you a deep look into the Formula itself and gives prospective students a very good idea as to how the Masterclass really feels. You can sign up for one of Brian’s free webinar sessions by clicking this link here.

Do I need to be educated in Real Estate or be a Real Estate Investor Before Joining BNB Formula?

NO. There are no prerequisites to join us. Individuals of all backgrounds have seen, and continue to see success through BNB Formula. To give you an example Brian’s students are Doctors, Teachers, Digital Nomads, New Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Agents/Brokers, Retired Individuals or Couples, and even high school age!

What’s the BNB Formula’s Free Training About?

You’ll have a chance to meet Brian where he’ll teach you:

I. The cash flow earning skills you need to know in order to put yourself quickly into the top 1% of all Airbnb™ hosts in the world.

II. How to locate owners who will be more than willing to let you list their properties on Airbnb™, even if you have ZERO experience.

III. How to outsource and automate the business to avoid working full time hours, yet earn a consistent monthly income for life…and SO much more!

We routinely update our blog with the latest and greatest tips to help you be successful. 

I’ve heard of Airbnb before but not sure what it is exactly. Could you explain; What Exactly is an Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their homes or rooms with people who are looking for accommodations in that location. These are Short Term Rentals, which are different than contractually renting a property under a binding contract.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Airbnb?

To use the Airbnb platform it costs $0. Airbnb charges hosts a 3 percent fee that covers the cost of processing payments when travelers book their reservations. Alternatively, booking an Airbnb does cost a nightly rate which depends on the Airbnb host’s listing prices.

How is Airbnb Different From Hotels?

Hotels are stationed around major cities and because the cost of living in the area is high, so are their rates which are fixed. Airbnb Hosts have the ability to change their listing prices to be as high or as low as they want. The atmosphere with the Airbnb experience allows travelers to feel at home, because they are!

What do I need to know before using Airbnb?

Largely, you’ll need to do your homework. This means:

Always compare an Airbnb listing’s photos with its description.

Pay attention to the Airbnb reviews. They are entirely your best friend.

Have a backup Airbnb listing in mind-even after you’ve booked.

Do your homework on potential neighborhoods if you’re new to the area or better yet – ask the host!

Does BNB Formula Work in Canada?

Yes. Brian has students both living in and from Canada that are enjoying positive cashflow even right now! Head over to our testimonial section and get to know some of our Canadian ‘BNBers’.

When was Airbnb Started?

The founders were taking a trip to a conference in 2007 but could not pay for their lodging, so 2 of the founders chose to lease out part of their homes in order to help pay for the expense of the journey. Airbnb now has operations in 191 nations and is able to lease out a space, a house, or even a castle for a night or longer.

Why is it called Airbnb?

As the business continued to grow, listings on the website ended up being more distinct– boats, aircraft, tree-houses, igloos, and teepees. They started using totally free photography to incentivize individuals to list and to transform lookers into bookers. In March 2009, AirBed & Breakfast was reduced to Airbnb. Now, Airbnb is a market for individuals to list, find, and book distinct lodgings around the world. All funds are moved firmly online, with Airbnb taking 13% of the scheduling charge. Simply a couple of months earlier, over 600,000 individuals took a trip to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, 20% of which remained with a host on Airbnb. Airbnb accepted this chance. They upgraded their site to link with brand-new and existing users mentally, they changed their logo design, released a brand-new publication for hosts and developed their own identity sign understood as Belo: the universal sign of belonging. With adventurous objectives, Airbnb will continue to fix huge issues, and the ones most worry simply believing about.

Who is the owner of Airbnb?

Brian Joseph Chesky Airbnb was founded in 2008 by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk. They were identified ‘ Obama-O’s and ‘Cap’n McCain ‘ in assistance of the then prospects.