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I’ve cracked the code on how to become financially independent by renting properties I don’t own and listing them on Airbnb.

This opportunity has nothing to do with starting a complicated online business. In fact, if you’ve ever rented an apartment or a house before – you already know how half of this works!

I should know, I did it myself.

A few years ago, my roommate unexpectedly moved out and left me responsible to pay the rent. So I listed his room on Airbnb.

Within a couple of months, the earnings from that room covered all my living expenses, including my utilities. So I began renting (not buying) other properties near me and listing them on Airbnb.And in less than six months I earned over six figures.I was able to quit my job and have now taught nearly 7,000 people in 38 countries how to do what I did.Listing rented properties on Airbnb is extremely lucrative….it’s a game changer.

BNB Formula Course
a quick word from a real bnb formula student:

“It’s a way to become a real estate investor without owning any real estate, while enjoying a flood of cash flow.” - Jason

Here’s What You Get With BNB Formula:

the Course

8-Week BNB Formula Masterclass

You’ll be taken by the hand and walked through EVERYTHING you need in order to achieve your first profit-producing listing.

Never miss a beat in the process

Done For You Templates

No second guessing. You’ll be provided with templates that Brian Page uses – every day.
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Private Facebook Group Access

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PLUS: All of the BNB Formula Bonuses....


Airbnb Course

Will This Work In My City?
($197 Value)

Wondering if Airbnb will work in small towns, non-tourist locations or cities outside the US?

There’s an easy way to tell. If you have a hotel near you – you’re in business! Hotels serve people who are traveling to your area and need a place to stay, short-term. With Airbnb, you can offer them an alternative.


make money with airbnb

How To Make $1,000 Per Month On Your First Listing, Without Signing a Lease!
($197 Value)

You don’t need to sign a long term lease, have good credit or a lot of cash in the bank to do this business. You can partner with owners to get started. This bonus will show you exactly how to do that


how does airbnb make money

How To Make Money Before The First Rent Payment Is Due
($197 Value)

Cashflow is king. So what if you could be profitable on your first Airbnb listing the day you get the keys to the property? Learn how to book your entire first month, in advance!


airbnb regulations by city

Is This Allowed In My City?
($197 Value)

This bonus is centered on months of research by a private research firm we hired to determine where the top 2,000 US cities stand when it comes to short term rentals. The good news is, 92% of towns and cities allow Airbnb!

And in the areas where there are limitations, there are always workarounds….even in the toughest 8% of towns! This bonus will fully explain how to operate a BNB no matter where you live – without breaking the rules.


airbnb rules

7 Reasons Landlords Won’t Do This Themselves
($197 Value)

How do you make this idea a “win-win” for both you and property owners? I’ll show you in this $197 training. Learn how to create cash flow for yourself and why owners will want to work with you.


best airbnb cities

13 Most Profitable Locations In Any Town Or City
($197 Value)

Did you know that Airbnb was started by some guys renting rooms near a convention center? And that’s just one of 13 different types of profitable Airbnb locations.

Learn which types of locations are ideal for your town!


airbnb profit calculator

The 10 Minute Profitability Test ($197 Value)

You don’t need to be a math wizard to determine if a property will be profitable on Airbnb. There’s a simple rule of thumb you can apply that has worked for every property I’ve listed on Airbnb. I share this valuable secret and by the end of this bonus you’ll know exactly how to use it where you live.


airbnb business host

The Most Popular Listing In All 50 States
($197 Value)

Success leaves clues. Learn from highly successful BNB hosts that offer what customers want. Know exactly which property is the most popular in your state. We’ll reverse engineer what these BNBers did to become so popular and borrow some of their ideas for our own!


how to raise money in real estate

How To Find A Fast $2k-$5k From A Stranger ($197 Value)

The common phrase “you need money to make money” is a lie. The truth is, when you present a legit money making opportunity to the right people, they listen.Learn a proven way to find all the money you’ll ever need to get listings in this exclusive bonus.


airbnb seo

Gain An Unfair Advantage With Your First Listing ($197 Value)

What if you knew details about all the successful Airbnb’s in your city? Do you think that would help you price your property right? You bet it would!Discover how to find what competing listings charge, their vacancy rate, the most popular properties, and where every one of them is located on a map of your city (USA only).


Airbnb Passive Income

How To Live Rent Free
($197 Value)

An easy way to get started with Airbnb is to rent out an existing bedroom where you live. That’s how I started and it quickly made me see Airbnb’s full potential.
The first month I listed my spare bedroom I made $734. The second month I made $1,244. And after that I lived rent free. Learn how you can do the same.

getting down to the specifics with bnb formula


Let’s look at a typical rental you would see in any city in the United States.

In this example, let’s use a small studio for rent in Atlanta, Georgia.

It’s available for $1,200 per month. (By the way, in the US, the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is currently $1,234.)*

The owner of this place is looking for a long-term tenant to sign a lease and live in it for a year.

That year breaks down into roughly 30-day chunks.

$1,200 a month divided by 30 days, is $40 a day. That’s how much it costs to live here each day.

Follow me so far?

We don’t normally think of renting in terms of how much we pay per day…but it’s good to use this for comparison.

You’ll see in just a minute.

Next, let’s assume the owner’s mortgage payment on this small place is $900, which includes taxes and insurance.

So he’s going to make $300 in profit every month if he gets a tenant.

Pretty straightforward, right?

That’s how a traditional real estate investor makes money with rentals.

Purchase a property.Lease it to one tenant.Make a little profit each month.But what if instead of renting this place to a long term tenant, the owner rented that place to somebody like me…

…someone who understands the power of Airbnb?

I get permission from the owner, to list it on the site for $130 a night.

Why $130 a night?Because the cost of an average daily hotel room rate in the United States is $133.*

So let’s say I only get guests to book 20 days each month.What is my profit on this deal?Start with the $2,600 Airbnb deposited in my account the first month.Take away the $1,200 in rent that I pay the owner. And $200 in utilities.

What’s left is $1,200 profit in my pocket each month.That’s $14,400 a year!All with a property someone else owns!But hold up, Brian. Do I have to clean these properties after each guest?


We find a professional cleaning company who takes care of all the cleanings between guests.And the best part is, the cleaning fee on Airbnb is charged to the guest at the time of booking (on top of the cost to book the place!)So it’s NOT an expense out of our pocket.

So what’s the big takeaway here?

There is a BIG difference between the old way of real estate investing, versus the new way.The old way is to come up with a big down payment, go into debt, purchase a property, rent it out to one tenant and hope to make $300 a month.

The new way is turning someone else’s property into a BNB listing…and making $1,200 a month!hat’s 400% more profitable.And this is a very conservative example.You could book more than 20 days a month.

You could increase your nightly rate.And best yet, you could go get a bunch of these properties!So you can actually make more.A lot more.

My Story:

I rode the real estate bubble up in the early 2000’s. And like most real estate investors who owned property in 2008, when the market crashed…I crashed.

I found myself broke, my credit ruined, and all my properties in foreclosure.

So I decided if I was starting over, I might as well start my dream business. My new goal was to…

✔ Avoid loans, mortgages and debt
✔ ​Have no employees, office, or huge overhead
✔ Enjoy consistent daily cash flow
✔ Be able to work from anywhere in the world
✔ And never again trade my time for money

So are you ready to be the next success story?

Through this training, I’ll take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through the process.

Join me! Click the button below to get get started today.

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“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. It is about the safest investment in the world…” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

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